Plumbing Service Van

January 5, 2016
Posted by Ty Gailey
Picture of our plumbing service van taken from inside a customer's home.

From the desk of Plumbing Express Atlanta: For Immediate Release: There’s a new design for our van lettering!

New Shutoff on Polybutylene Repipes

January 5, 2016
Posted by Ty Gailey

We’re finally we are switching – the people have spoken!
Who wouldn’t want something that’s cheaper, easier to use, and actually works better than something else? If it goes in the home and looks cheap the answer is lots of people. We have been using an Accor push fitting for years. The plumbers love them because you just push them down onto your water supply stub-out and fasten the supply line to your fixture.

Sealing the Waterline

January 5, 2016
Posted by Ty Gailey
Waterline Repair and Replacement

I used to work at a company that installed lots of water service lines. Whenever it would rain severely across the Metro Atlanta Region I knew that there was a strong possibility of upset customers calling in. These people would tell me that our company installed a water service line and that it wasn’t sealed properly or they would claim that the waterline had started to leak not realizing the true cause of the issue. After people figured out that the pipe penetration was to blame they would often become angry. They would be like: “Why would your plumber charge me all this money and do a shoddy job sealing the pipe penetration?” Sometimes they would tell me that the water had ruined their carpet. I remember one person telling me that the water had destroyed his collection of Playboy magazines. He said it was a priceless collection.

Polybutylene Pipe Repair Cost vs. Poly Pipe Replacement

January 5, 2016
Posted by Ty Gailey
Polybutylene Replacement Atlanta GA

Polybutylene pipe replacement costs only get worse the longer you wait…

Here’s a story from one of our customer’s that illustrates the point.

George, our customer, noticed a fine mist spraying out of a gray pipe, in his basement. He did not know much about plumbing, therefore he started making some calls right away.

He did not think it could be anything serious, because the pipe was not dripping. Rather, it was only a fine mist. How serious could that be?

As a result of his calls, George’s family was actually very fortunate.

First of all, leaks on polybutylene plumbing start out as tiny pinholes that spray a fine mist of water. Then, they progress to become a steady drip, which consequently becomes a stream.

George was lucky for two reasons. First, the leak was above his unfinished basement. Second, he discovered the leaks and called plumbers, before the leak got worse. Polybutylene leaks always get worse, and they never get better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Polybutylene problems first appear like minor mist spraying from pinholes
  • Therefore, the first warning signs appear, as if they are, insignificant
  • For example, mist spray turns into drips
  • Next, drips turn into steady streams
  • Before you know it, thousands of dollars in water damage is done to furniture, walls and personal items
  • In conclusion, polybutylene leaks always get worse