Experienced Plumber Position

Currently Hiring

we-want-you-to-apply-to-the-experienced-plumber-jobJob Description:

All work for the, Experienced Plumber Job, is plumbing focused. Residential plumbing with light commercial plumbing required. Territory is Georgia, with a focus on the Atlanta Metro area. Most time is in the truck or on the work site, rather than in the office.

  • You must have 5+ years of experience.
  • You must be able to read
  • Be able to layout and install without major supervision
  • Know how to use journeyman and other less experienced plumbers to complete tasks

Business Description:

Our specialty is a turn-key solution to remove and replace polybutylene pipes in residential homes.

Installing or replacing Water Heaters is another major component of our business. The Experienced Plumber Job requires work on tank and tank-less water heater installs or replacements.

You must be able to install, repair or perform maintenance on a variety of other plumbing components, i.e. toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, etc.

Leadership Development and Training:

It’s important that you are able to use the less experienced members of your team. It’s important that you enjoy being a mentor for them, as well.

We expect you to train and assist other team members. Industriousness is part of a competitive team. Yet, the foundation of the team is Friendship, Loyalty, Cooperation and Enthusiasm. These are the key components to creating an environment that promotes each of us to improve.

Customer Experience:

While we take the well-being of our team seriously, we extend that level of attention to our clients. Our customers are not cash or revenue – they are families and individuals that need our help. They are a diverse group of people, which we wish to leave in a better state than we found them. We must respect the differences and perform our best, regardless of the circumstances.

It is critical that you determine the customer’s needs and wants. You must – honestly – represent the discoveries from your investigations. You must assist the client with understanding the short-term, mid-term and long-term consequences.