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Welcome to Plumbing Express, the best whole-home repipe company in Georgia. As you consider the critical decision to enhance your home’s plumbing system, we want to share our dedicated approach to ensuring that your repiping project is executed with the highest degree of accuracy, efficiency, and your satisfaction.

Why Choose Plumbing Express for Your Repiping Needs?

At Plumbing Express, we understand that repiping your home is a significant investment. That’s why we prioritize a personalized, in-depth consultation process right at your doorstep. Unlike other providers who might offer estimates over the phone, we insist on sending an expert to your home for a comprehensive assessment. This approach guarantees that we can provide you with an accurate estimate, minimizing any surprises once the work begins. Request your free repipe estimate

Our Commitment to You:

Accuracy and Transparency: By evaluating your home’s plumbing system in person, we ensure that our quote reflects the true scope of work required. This attention to detail helps prevent unexpected costs, aligning your expectations with the project realities from the start.

Customized Solutions: Each home is unique, and so are its plumbing needs. Our on-site assessment allows us to be prepared specifically for your home, ensuring that the repipe process is as smooth and non-intrusive as possible.

Trust and Confidence: Our direct engagement with you, the homeowner, is designed to build trust and confidence in our capabilities. This face-to-face interaction allows you to ask questions, voice concerns, and receive immediate, knowledgeable feedback based on our repiping expertise.

Educational Opportunity: We view each on-site quote as a chance to educate our customers about their plumbing systems and our process. This knowledge ensures you are well-informed about the repiping process and comfortable that you know how to prepare for it.

Thorough Planning and Communication: Utilizing advanced tools like Service Titan, we meticulously document every detail of your project, ensuring seamless communication and coordination among our team. This thorough planning translates into efficient, quality service tailored to your specific needs.

Choosing Plumbing Express means partnering with a team that values precision, transparency, and customer care above all. Our dedication to conducting in-person assessments reflects our overarching commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring that your plumbing system serves you reliably for decades.

Whole house repipes are common throughout Metro Atlanta. Our team works across metro Atlanta and performs home repipes due to pinhole copper pipes, polybutylene pipes, and failing pex piping systems.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Call us or complete this form request for a free inspection and quote: 678-439-9540. Your home deserves the best, and at Plumbing Express, we’re ready to deliver just that. Contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation and take the first step towards a seamless, efficient repiping project tailored just for you. Plumbing Express regularly works in these cities and the surrounding areas: Marietta, Powder Springs, Acworth, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Roswell, ALpharetta, Atlanta, Chamblee, Conyers, and Loganville.


Pipe Replacement Specialists

Free Inspection and Pipe assessment
Better Business Bureau A+
We are a team of full time W-2 Employees
Great value compared to retail service plumbers
Smooth turnaround for your real estate closing
Use of plastic sheeting helps minimize dust
Fantastic finishes including wall repair & paint match

Whole-House Repipe

We eliminate failing pipes and include sheetrock repair

General Plumbing

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services for Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

Water Heating Services

Repair or upgrade your water heating system.

Drain Repair

We know that critical drain services protect property & health. Get flowing again.

What People Have to Say

“Overall, our interactions with Plumbing Express were professional, courteous and timely. Will definitely use again!”

Patrick R., Decatur, GA

I had all of the old pipes in my 18-year-old home removed and replaced. Plumbing Express did an exceptional job on the interior work. They matched all of the tile and grout, cleaned the site, and made it impossible to tell they had even been there…

Testimonial 2

We had just moved here and needed all of our piping changed to PVC, so we took their advice and recommendations. After hearing from our neighbors, we figured they would do a good job. They ended up doing an excellent job!

Testimonial 3

Plumbing Express was punctual, got the work done in a very tight time frame, and the quality was good. The employees were very courteous, on time, and very professional.

Testimonial 4

This team is professional, thorough, and friendly. The interior of our home looks great. There is no trace of work being done… I actually think it looks better than it did before the job! The patching and paint work are impeccable.

Testimonial 5