Warning Signs of Water Main Leak

There are some obvious and not so obvious signs that you need a water main line repair.

Water bubbling out of the ground? Wet spot in the yard? High water bill?

A water service line brings water underground from your city water meter into your home. Over time, this line may corrode and weaken for various reasons.

Plumbing Express will identify your water leak and do…

  • Trenchless replacement
  • Spot repairs
  • Complete water service pipe replacement

If you have a water main line that’s leaking, please call us at 678-439-9540 or request a call here.

Cost of a water main repair in Atlanta

Low: $650
Average: $850
High: $1,000

Cost of a water main replacement in Atlanta

Low: $2,200
Average: $3,400
High: $4,000

You can cross reference the above prices from a non-bias 3rd party source at Home Guide’s plumbing estimates.

If you want to learn more about water leaks, you can visit our page here.

infograph of property line separating public and private water main line

Possible locations of water main repair. Image source: Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources