Even though whole house pipe replacement can be challenging for a homeowner, it is NOT to us.

Our proven method of pipe replacement is why we are preferred and recommended by home inspector and realty professionals all over the state of Georgia. With an expert’s touch, our skilled repipe specialists have replaced the pipes in thousands of homes.

There is no better plumbing company to use leaks in the wall or in the slab of your home or income property. We are simply the best option for turn-key replacement of gray polybutylene, failing pex, and corroded copper. Choosing us will bring you a thorough, satisfying result that even includes absolutely beautiful sheetrock repair and ceiling texture.

Why it failed

Degradation due to contact with locally treated water
The polybutylene became brittle and eventually developed
tiny fissures. These fissures connected together and
eventually formed small cracks where the water slowly escaped.

  • Developed in Europe which doesn’t use chlorine to
    treat water the way the U.S. does
  • HUGE Class Action suit won against the manufacturer
    No longer installed anywhere since 1995
  • Still some out there depending on local water
    treatment methods

Why it fails

Degradation due to contact with locally treated water
Oxidation inside the pipes caused a natural patina process.
Chorine strips away patina and causes pinhole leaks.
By the time you have your first leak, your system is shot.


  • Pinhole leaks are systematic
  • Pinhole leaks often go long undetected
  • Openings becomes larger
  • Output volume of water increases until initially detected
  • Repair is futile.
  • Repiping is the only solution
  • Copper remains widely-used for good reason, but fails depending on local water
    treatment methods

Why it fails

Degradation due to contact with locally treated water
PEX is part of the same polymer family as Polybutylene,
and their track records are shockingly similar. PEX has an
unproven track record, with several major PEX manufacturers
having changed the materials and design of their systems
multiple times after several high-profile fitting failures.
Every major PEX manufacturer excludes failures caused by
water chemistry from their warranty. Amusingly as well, the
intended installation benefit (its flexibility) became its own
enemy since it fails even more often when bent inside interior walls.

  • Developed in Europe which doesn’t use chlorine to
    treat water the way the U.S. does
  • Many previous class-action lawsuits allege PEX system
    failures due to exposure to normal drinking water —
    12 more are currently underway
  • Although different PEX production methods
    (A, B, C) vary widely in chlorine resistance, it is
    difficult to figure out which, if any, PEX product is reliable
  • No PEX is recommended for use where chlorine levels are
    greater than 5 parts per million (a miniscule amount
    that is LESS than what is actually USED)
  • The use of PEX piping can be detrimental to household water quality
    PEX piping is known to leach regulated gasoline components
    such as MTBE, ETBE, TBA and Toluene into drinking water.
  • PEX piping is permeable, meaning that outside chemicals
    can enter through the pipe wall and contaminate the water
    without causing a pipe failure

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What People Have to Say

“Overall, our interactions with Plumbing Express were professional, courteous and timely. Will definitely use again!”

Patrick R., Decatur, GA

I had all of the old pipes in my 18-year-old home removed and replaced. Plumbing Express did an exceptional job on the interior work. They matched all of the tile and grout, cleaned the site, and made it impossible to tell they had even been there…

Testimonial 2

We had just moved here and needed all of our piping changed to PVC, so we took their advice and recommendations. After hearing from our neighbors, we figured they would do a good job. They ended up doing an excellent job!

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Plumbing Express was punctual, got the work done in a very tight time frame, and the quality was good. The employees were very courteous, on time, and very professional.

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This team is professional, thorough, and friendly. The interior of our home looks great. There is no trace of work being done… I actually think it looks better than it did before the job! The patching and paint work are impeccable.

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