Two pipe racks on the top of a plumbing truck. Each pipe rack contains dozens of ten foot CPVC pipe.


Savvy homeowners don’t wait for the next leak because they understand that failing pipe systems in the home do not get better over time. The presence of Pinhole copper, failing pex, and gray poly pipes put your home at risk of flood damage and mold from chronic dampness. Plumbing Express is a professional repipe team. We replace your failing pipes. After our plumbing, we repair the sheetrock too. Take the first step to protect your family’s most crucial investment by contacting us today.

Whether you have a current leak that needs immediate attention or are gathering information about the repipe process, the first step is to call 678-439-9540 or request a call by completing our reipipe inquiry form. Over the phone, we are able to answer some basic questions and start the process of scheduling your quotation. We do not share your private information with anyone.

Our process for pipe replacement includes the following steps:

  • Every home is different and that’s why offer free in-home inspections. The inspection gives us a chance to learn details about the design of your home and take note of any special conditions or challenges it presents. The in-home visit is also an opportunity for you to walk through the house with us and ask questions including how your family can prepare in advance.
  • You can reserve your spot on our busy schedule by completing your repipe agreement and speaking with our scheduler. Our office staff is available during regular business hours but you can always speak with an on-call manager after hours if the situation requires urgent attention.
  • Most of the homes we work in are currently occupied and that’s not a problem. We will let you know what areas to clear of personal items before starting your job. These spaces include under the sinks, around washing machines, and closets that back up to a tub or shower. Having these spaces clear helps us to work as efficiently as possible
  • Our team arrives to start your pipe replacement and you’re on the way to a worry free plumbing system. Our team applies a lot of plastic protection to contain the dust from cutting walls and ceiling pieces. Drywall pieces are carefully removed, labeled, and set aside for later while we install your new piping system.
  • We are efficient with you in mind. Our process is designed to minimize disruptions to your family routine in the long term and while the work is being done. We restore the water supply to your home at the end of each day so your family can use the tubs, showers, and sinks in the evening. Upon completing of your plumbing (most houses require 1-2 days), we test the new piping system. At this point have bypassed all the failing water supply pipes and they are out of circulation. No more failing pipes in your walls, your ceiling or even the concrete slab of your home.
  • Our drywall team resets and finishes your sheetrock. The walls are coated with primer and ready for paint. We leave your home with a new plumbing system and paint ready.
  • We help families leave their failing pipe worries behind. Congratulations, the project is completed your home has a new potable water system. No need to turn off the water when you’re away for the weekend.

Start the repipe inquiry process by calling 678-439-9540 or request a call by completing our reipipe inquiry form

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Plumber preparing a water pipe for installation.

Plumber installing pipe into a wall where sheetrock has been cut for access

Plumber feeding pipe between two sheetrock openings in bathroom with protective plastic on walls


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What People Have to Say

“Overall, our interactions with Plumbing Express were professional, courteous and timely. Will definitely use again!”

Patrick R., Decatur, GA

I had all of the old pipes in my 18-year-old home removed and replaced. Plumbing Express did an exceptional job on the interior work. They matched all of the tile and grout, cleaned the site, and made it impossible to tell they had even been there…

Testimonial 2

We had just moved here and needed all of our piping changed to PVC, so we took their advice and recommendations. After hearing from our neighbors, we figured they would do a good job. They ended up doing an excellent job!

Testimonial 3

Plumbing Express was punctual, got the work done in a very tight time frame, and the quality was good. The employees were very courteous, on time, and very professional.

Testimonial 4

This team is professional, thorough, and friendly. The interior of our home looks great. There is no trace of work being done… I actually think it looks better than it did before the job! The patching and paint work are impeccable.

Testimonial 5