Searching for Plumbing Jobs Near Me?

Stop searching for “plumbing jobs near me” and apply to Plumbing Express, today! With over six million people in Atlanta alone, there’s plenty of plumbing work, but finding plumbing companies hiring near you can be challenging. Plumbing Express is a top-rated company looking to hire experienced plumbers to provide quality service plumbing work to our clients throughout Metro Atlanta.

Welcome to the plumbing team you WANT to join.

  • Stable schedule for work/life balance
  • Limited emergency calls… by design
  • Camaraderie of high-quality teamwork 
  • Positive attitudes 
  • Fun, friendly home
  • Great pay

Take a look at our positioning in the marketplace. 

 “Making Problems Go Away™” features our own plumbers and staff in our pictures. 

The theme addresses our customers at their point of need:

  • When pipes deteriorate
  • When hot water is out
  • When drains fail

At those moments, they don’t want just anyone.

They want a professional who is:

  • Highly capable and communicates what he is doing to resolve the situation, 
  • Backed by a reputable company with a solid team of specialists,
  • Non-threatening in any way, and welcomed back enthusiastically to fix any other problem that should ever arise throughout their household.

Essentially, they want YOU.       


WE want YOU.



Current Job Openings



Our plumber wages are extremely competitive! You can expect to earn 10-15% plumbing commission pay per job in addition to your salary. Our reputation and diverse clientele make it easy for you to earn excellent wages for your work.



Plumbing Express encourages tons of professional development and offers master plumber jobs as well as service plumbing jobs. We’ll help you through the licensure process and make sure that you’re always growing in your abilities and developing your character.


There are great perks included with your job at Plumbing Express. We offer health insurance, PTO, and a 401(k) with 4% company match after one year of work. On top of that, you get to work in a great environment with other plumbers who are passionate about their work and want to see you succeed.