Initial Consultation and Preparation

At Plumbing Express, we understand that repiping your home is a significant investment. That’s why we prioritize a personalized, in-depth consultation process right at your doorstep. Unlike other providers who might offer estimates over the phone, we insist on sending an expert to your home for a comprehensive assessment. This approach guarantees that we can provide you with an accurate estimate, minimizing any surprises once the work begins. Call us or complete this form request for a free inspection and quote: 678-439-9540.

Plumbing Express starts by getting to know your home’s specific needs through a detailed consultation. We’ll walk through your home to check the current plumbing and identify where we’ll work during the repipe. We’ll also answer questions and concerns you have and guide you on how to prepare your home for the project: suggesting you clear spaces under sinks, around appliances, and in closets near plumbing fixtures. This also includes areas where we might need to access ceilings or walls based on your plumbing layout. Our aim is to make sure you have to do as little as possible, just securing delicate items and making sure we can get to where we need to without any obstacles. This helps us work efficiently and safely.

The Repiping Process

Our repipe involves installing a new water distribution system with new water pipes, all new valves, and supply lines. New valves include the main shutoff, pressure regulator, thermal expansion tank, and emergency shutoff valves for each fixture. These valves ensure your new water system is regulated correctly with functional shutoffs and appropriate pressure levels. The old water piping is drained down. During the course of running new pipes, much of the old piping will be physically removed. Bypassed pipe from the old system is left in the walls has been drained of water.

On the day of repiping, the Plumbing Express team arrives ready to execute the project with minimal disruption to your daily life. We protect your home’s interior with plastic sheeting and drop cloths, meticulously covering furniture and floors to contain dust and debris. Our approach is to minimize the impact on your home, strategically cutting into walls and ceilings to access and replace the old piping. Specialized tools and techniques ensure precision and avoid damage to utilities while removing drywall.

To finalize the plumbing phase of the repipe, we conduct testing to ensure the new new piping connections are leak-free and and that the system is fully operational. After confirming the system’s integrity comes our clean up we removing all protective coverings, debris, and dust. 

Most homes require only one to two full workdays to complete the plumbing work. If the plumbing phase at your home takes more than one day, our team will reconnect the water at the end of day one so your family can use the facilities that evening. The vast majority of homes that we repipe are occupied, so your family does not need to find temporary lodging during the repipe.

Quality and Efficiency

Plumbing Express uses high-quality piping materials such as Flowguard Gold CPVC and Uponor PEX Type A. We choose these materials for their strength, dependability, and fit for your home’s needs. Our skilled plumbers carefully install and reroute new pipes, ensuring your water system works smoothly and efficiently.

A key part of our repiping service is our focus on quality and efficiency. We plan our pipe routing to cut as little as possible into walls and ceilings. This approach reduces the need for drywall removal. We also use special tools and methods for removing sheetrock, making it easier to put everything back in place afterward.

Post-Repiping Restoration of Sheetrock

After your new plumbing system is installed, we proceed with a meticulous and efficient sheetrock repair process that aims to restore your home to its original condition.  The repair process involves carefully replacing and finishing sheetrock to match the existing walls and ceilings, including texture and paint. When the original paint is unavailable, the team takes samples for a computer color match, striving for a seamless blend with the surrounding areas. Upon completion most clients will find the work areas are virtually indistinguishable from their surroundings.

Choosing Plumbing Express for your repiping project means partnering with a team that combines technical expertise with a commitment to customer care, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and high-quality repiping experience from start to finish. We continue to support your family through all future plumbing needs through our residential service and repair department. 


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Free Inspection and Pipe assessment
Better Business Bureau A+
We are a team of full time W-2 Employees
Great value compared to retail service plumbers
Smooth turnaround for your real estate closing
Use of plastic sheeting helps minimize dust
Fantastic finishes including wall repair & paint match

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We eliminate failing pipes and include sheetrock repair

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What People Have to Say

“Overall, our interactions with Plumbing Express were professional, courteous and timely. Will definitely use again!”

Patrick R., Decatur, GA

I had all of the old pipes in my 18-year-old home removed and replaced. Plumbing Express did an exceptional job on the interior work. They matched all of the tile and grout, cleaned the site, and made it impossible to tell they had even been there…

Testimonial 2

We had just moved here and needed all of our piping changed to PVC, so we took their advice and recommendations. After hearing from our neighbors, we figured they would do a good job. They ended up doing an excellent job!

Testimonial 3

Plumbing Express was punctual, got the work done in a very tight time frame, and the quality was good. The employees were very courteous, on time, and very professional.

Testimonial 4

This team is professional, thorough, and friendly. The interior of our home looks great. There is no trace of work being done… I actually think it looks better than it did before the job! The patching and paint work are impeccable.

Testimonial 5