I receive a phone call one morning. It is my lawyer (AKA my friend Bryan) and he sounds a little agitated.
“I may need you guys to come run a camera in my drains. My shower drain isn’t working. I put a bunch of chemicals down there and its still not working.”
Also Bryan’s washing machine isn’t draining. It’s possible Bryan has two separate issues, I tell him. The washing machine turns out to be 19 years old. I make sure to let Bryan know that we don’t use chemicals to unclog drains. A chemical such as Drano may help when used for preventative maintenance. These organic drain solvents are unsafe. They melt hair and organic materials. Also they are bad for the environment. Once a drain is clogged a chemical isn’t going to unclog the drain. Mechanical means are required for that.
I recommend that Bryan may want to go purchase one of these little consumer-grade drain augers from Home Depot. First he should try a simple plunger. I stay on the phone with Bryan while he removes the drain cap.
“Ok, I’m plunging now.” he says.
The plunger worked and the water began to flow freely in the shower.
“I guess this means I need a new clothes washer,” said Bryan.