We’re finally we are switching – the people have spoken!
Who wouldn’t want something that’s cheaper, easier to use, and actually works better than something else? If it goes in the home and looks cheap the answer is lots of people. We have been using an Accor push fitting for years. The plumbers love them because you just push them down onto your water supply stub-out and fasten the supply line to your fixture.

We love these valves from a business standpoint because they are really really reliable and they don’t cost very much. Unfortunately these valves are made of plastic and have a push pull action. They do look a little cheap. Customers are sometimes unpleasantly surprised to see the Accor valves throughout their house.

Ad depicting our plumbing pipe replacement service

We are switching from using a push fitting with integrated supply line in favor of a glue-on fitting with steel braided supply line. I’m sure as a reader of this blog post you are wondering how I decided to post about this completely lame topic. If that’s the case I would like to point out that you are the one reading a blog post from a company specializing in pipe replacement. What do you expect?

The old push-on valves we used were much more reliable, cheaper, easier to use. The only draw back is they are made of plastic and people said they looked cheap. Of all the complaints on our pipe replacement service, the cheapo looking push valves comes in at #1.