Plumbing Express

With a focus on customer service, this company is the leading experts on fast, efficient polybutylene pipe replacement.

Let’s face it – pipes are not very sexy. No one ever says, “What lovely pipes! I think I’ll put an offer on this house!” In fact, potential buyers rarely give a second thought to the plumbing of a home until they discover something is wrong. And while plumbing may not sell a home, bad plumbing can certainly make a house nearly impossible to sell. When buyers discover that the home of their dreams has been fitted with a defective product such as polybutylene plumbing, the home quickly loses its charm.

Picture of our plumbing preparing a condo for a repipe with plastic protection. Fortunately for thousands of Georgia Real estate professionals and their clients, there is a practical and affordable solution – Plumbing Express.

Plumbing Express has been operating continuously for almost 3 decades. Our team has replace polybutylene pipes in thousands of homes across the Greater Metro Atlanta Area and the entire State of Georgia. Plumbing Express has the expertise to make re-piping a home as efficient as possible for their clients. Not only can they finish most jobs in three to five days, homeowners are guaranteed to have running water available every day so they never have to move out of their homes.

There are many reasons to call us when you replace gray poly pipes : 770-629-9518

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