Thousands of Home Re-piped by Plumbing Express in Cobb County

If you have a home or are considering purchasing home with polybutylene piping, you should consider calling our company. We are one of few companies specializing in poly pipe replacement in Marietta, GA and the surrounding area. Never contract a service plumber to replace your water pipes without speaking with a repipe specialist. The benefits of working with Plumbing Express for polybutylene pipe replacement include:

  • Experience – Our pipe replacement team has replaced the pipes in thousands of homes throughout the Atlanta area. If you live in a planned community in Cobb County there is a great chance some of the houses around you were repiped by our team of repipe specialists.
  • Turn-Key Pipe Replacement Service – One of the main benefits of working with our company is that our W2 employees fix the sheetrock and do a paint match. Finding a drywall contractor who will fix the walls in a way that looks good and is cost effective is very difficult. Talk to us about your sheetrock repair: 770-629-9518
  • Quick & Efficient Service – We provide quality work quickly and efficiently. A pipe replacement typically takes 2-4 working days from the start of plumbing to the end of the paint match. Most of our clients choose to stay in the home when the work is going on.
  • Dust Protection – Cutting sheetrock to replace your pipes creates a lot of dust. We control the dust by covering furniture with plastic. We wall off areas that aren’t going to be plumbed to prevent dust migration.
Ad depicting our plumbing pipe replacement service

There are many reasons to pick our company but these are a few. Give us a chance to look at your pipe replacement project in Marietta/Cobb County.