People who are considering buying a home with polybutylene pipe should be aware of the major and invetable problems they will experience from owning a home with gray poly. I spoke with a home inspector down in Columbus Georgia who claims to tell his clients that there is nothing wrong with polybutylene pipe and that, in fact, polybutylene pipe is very reliable and better than many of the materials currently used for polybutylene water piping.

For potential buyers it is fortunate that most home inspectors know how bad polybutylene is and warn their clients of the risks in owning a home with polybutylene water piping.

Today, I saw this article from 24/7 Wallstreet that focuses on the advertse affect on the home’s value that polybutylene pipe has. We normally focus our conversations on the pipe itself and it’s mode of deterioration, etc. Realtors and anyone involved in a real estate transaction should be aware that gray polybutylene is a major defect in a home and is credited by 24/7 Wall Street as sapping value from your home in the article 10 Hidden Things That Can Kill Your Home Price.