Polybutylene pipe replacement costs only get worse the longer you wait…

Here’s a story from one of our customer’s that illustrates the point.

George, our customer, noticed a fine mist spraying out of a gray pipe, in his basement. He did not know much about plumbing, therefore he started making some calls right away.

He did not think it could be anything serious, because the pipe was not dripping. Rather, it was only a fine mist. How serious could that be?

As a result of his calls, George’s family was actually very fortunate.

First of all, leaks on polybutylene plumbing start out as tiny pinholes that spray a fine mist of water. Then, they progress to become a steady drip, which consequently becomes a stream.

George was lucky for two reasons. First, the leak was above his unfinished basement. Second, he discovered the leaks and called plumbers, before the leak got worse. Polybutylene leaks always get worse, and they never get better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Polybutylene problems first appear like minor mist spraying from pinholes
  • Therefore, the first warning signs appear, as if they are, insignificant
  • For example, mist spray turns into drips
  • Next, drips turn into steady streams
  • Before you know it, thousands of dollars in water damage is done to furniture, walls and personal items
  • In conclusion, polybutylene leaks always get worse

The plumbers George hired to make polybutylene repairs gave their advice. They said “It’s your place. The pipe is going to get worse”.
They were right. I hadn’t talked to any plumbers that said “You’re going to be okay with this piping, with the great polybutylene”. Pretty much every plumber that came by said “You got to replace it. It’s going to get worse.” -George
George realized his house needed a complete replacement of polybutylene. So, he started speaking with Metro Atlanta plumbers about having a full house repipe.
George had four plumbing companies give pricing on his pipe replacement. The first company was a major retail service plumbing company and quoted $6,800. The other two companies were $5200 and $5700.
“None of the other prices included fixing the drywall. That was something I was planning on having to do myself,” said George.
George hired Plumbing Express to do the pipe replacement for a price of $4300. That price included complete drywall repair. The job finished in 3 days.
George saved money, time and stress. He didn’t have to worry about finding his own sheetrock contractor. Nor did he have to learn how to patch sheetrock.
Plumbing Express replaced all the polybutylene and drywall, at a competitive price. That’s extra service at a lower cost!


In Summary:

  • Certainly, all plumbers agree that polybutylene leaks indicate that the pipes need to be replaced
  • Most importantly, any polybutylene pipe leak is only going to get worse
  • Most Atlanta plumbers charge between $5,200 and $6,800 to repipe a house
  • However, not all plumbers will replace the sheetrock
  • Plumbing Express does replace the sheetrock
  • Plumbing Express has a competitive repipe cost
  • We offer financing so you can get your express replacement service asap
  • Lower piping costs & sheetrock repair
  • That’s extra service at a lower price!

Do you have a home in the State of Georgia that needs a repipe? If so, please watch our short video on this page: Click Here

If you just want to learn more about polybutylene plumbing, then https://polybutylene.com/ is a great resource.