An unusual call from a man who asked me to refer to him as “King David of Zion” came to us from Atlanta Gas Light.

Me: “Thank you for calling Plumbing Express Atlanta, how may we help you?”

Man: “Hello, I need a gas water heater.”

Me: “We can help you with that. May I ask whom I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”

Man: “My name is Bill but there are many who call me King David of Zion.”

Me: “Ok, Sir. Where about are you located?”

King David: “Athens”

Me: “Well Sir, we are primarily an Atlanta Plumber. We cover the Metro Atlanta Region. Athens is just outside of our service coverage area. The exception to that is for polybutylene pipe replacement jobs. We go all over the state of Georgia for those.”

King David: “That’s Fair.”

Me: “I was hoping you’d say that, Sir.”

Our motto at Plumbing Express is: “We treat our customers like a king even if they are just some crackpot telling everybody they are an actual king.”