For the last decade Rinnai has taken the innovation lead in the tankless water heater market:

Concentric venting, lower minimum flow rate thresholds, higher efficiency through vapor condensation – all Rinnai innovations. Rinnai is the preferred brand of plumbers and has literally become a synonym for the tankless water heater.

But a major piece of the puzzle has been missing in the Rinnai product line. For many households changing out their tank for a Rinnai tankless water heater is just not feasible due to the high cost of required changes to their current gas system and water heater vent system.

Now Rinnai has solved this problem and will deliver most of the benefits of their tankless heaters in a unlikely configuration with the RH180 Hybrid Water Heater. Essentially it is a tank with a small tankless heater mounted on the side. It’s more energy efficient than classic tanks and can produce an astounding volume of hot water in a small package. The RH180 is about the size of a single tank water heater but can produce more than two and a half times the amount of a standard 50 gallon tank.

Best of all the installation costs for the RH180 should be no more than that of a standard tank. There is probably no required upgrade to the gas or venting system of your existing tank. Part of the popularity and sales volume of the RH180 will depend on adoption by plumbers – a group that does not typically recommend a product they aren’t already familiar with. But over time the RH180 should become a key product for Rinnai and one with a familiar name that is synonymous with luxurious hot water. Don’t be afraid to ask your plumber about this fantastic new piece of water heating technology.

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